Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Now, ever since I was a little girl awaiting for Troy from High School Musical to come and sweep me off my feet telling me that I was his princess; I have always said that it’s not about the outfit, it’s about the hair. And to this day forward I stand by my judgement. 
You could be wearing the simplest of outfits but if your luscious locks aren’t bold, then neither is your outfit. The first thing a guy sees when he looks at you is your clothes, and your hair. They are the two most simple things that stand out to any guy out there. Ask them yourself. 
So, for all of you who want the perfect facebook profile pictures and decide to coat yourself in tons of make-up for taking a certain photo. Don’t. I mean, you can never go wrong with glossy lips and long eyelashes but who really notices that in a photo? It’s all about the fashion, posture and most of all hair. #WorkTheHair.
The Look:

Hopefully this lives up to your expectations. If it does not, I apologise, but I absolutely adore this look. The light grey vest stands out, clearly visible against the brightness yet somewhat dull checked shirt whilst a single necklace hangs delicately on it’s own, standing out against all of the dark yet sophisticated lack of colours. The few bracelets that remain go perfectly with the outfit which tie it all together along with the half up/half down hair style which I fully adore.
I’m very satisfied with this look as it gives off sort of a casual look yet it’s bold and stands out grabbing your attention in the process. Please, hold the applause. 
I hope you found this post to fulfil all of your wishes. Yes, my blog fulfils wishes. You mad? Good. Stay mad.

Now I'm off, school tomorrow. Oh the joy.
Love you all.
Much love & cute clothes,

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