Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Summer's On Its Way

Summer 2012.

I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am for Summer this year. I even made a summer 2012 bucketlist, which contains as followed:

1. Get tan.
2. Make a new friend.
3. Get a guy's number.
4. Stay up for 24+ hours.
5. Finish decorating my room.
6. Watch a sunset and sunrise.
7. Have a summer romance. (I said this last year and happened to meet 2 gorgeous boys on my trip to Zante, Greece. But we just hung out, no romance ever came of that. But this year I'm determined.)
8. Road trip.
9. Work on the body that I want.
10. Watch movies all day.
11. Go on a picnic.

Hope this has inspired you enough to go away and make your own 2012 summer bucketlist, but no copying my creativity, you will be fined. Just kidding, I don't know you so do what you like.

So, this year my summer wardrobe mainly consists of bandeau tops and short flowing skirts. As of right now I am on a mission to find the perfect white bikini and so far, no luck. I've seen many white bikini's but none of them jump out at me and scream, "buy me." No, clothes cannot talk but I without a doubt talk to my clothes. Call me crazy but I talk to anything that will keep me occupied for a while. Mainly posters.

On the 18th of July I'm off to fabulous Costa Del Sol in Spain for 8 days with one of my closest friends. And I cannot wait to blog about my trip and all the different fashion the Spanish has to offer.

My friend and I have already vowed that any cute boy we see we're just going to waltz up to and talk to; we're never going to see them again so heck, what's the worst that could happen? (Other than me possible falling over in my tall heels and making a complete fool out of myself, but let's just hope that won't occur - although knowing my luck it is likely.)

So, how does all this link into fashion you may ask? Well let's see...

This summer, the fashion is bright. And when I say bright, I mean it. It's all about the colours. Bright yellow tops and pink chinos with of course, Toms or wedges.

You of course cannot go wrong with Ray-bans and last year it seemed to be all about wayfarer's, but this year, it seems that Aviators have taken over once again. 

I have also found that bright nail polish and many different nail designs have become rather popular this year, whereas the summer's past have lacked in it's bright and bold choices of colour. I have to admit, I'm liking the style a lot this year.

Long hair is always in. Got short hair? Don't worry, it will grow.

Well with that being said, we can officially announce that summer's on its way.

Much love & cute clothes, 


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