Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Hi there fellow glitter enthusiasts.

Today is a very good day? Would you like to know why? (Of course you do, you are still reading this aren’t you?) No, I haven’t bought a new pair of extremely cute shoes (although I cannot wait to buy my summer sandals), nor do I have enough money to buy the gorgeous pair of runawaydreamz shorts that have been calling my name. Today I had a spark of inspiration and decided to create this fabulous blog specifically dedicated to fashion. 
On this blog you will basically find all fashion related pictures and posts. If you’re not into that then heck, may as well unfollow me now and get it over with. Au revoir. For those of you still reading and intrigued by my idea; I would like to let you all know that my ask is always open for advice on fashion or for anything you’d like to simply submit about anything fashion related.
You can also submit your own fashion relevant photo’s that I will post in the ‘submissions’ criteria on my blog.
My first real blog post will come later tonight, hopefully it will be attention grabbing and keep people interested in my blog.
Anyway, hope you like what my blog has to offer so far and continue to enjoy my rollercoaster that is called: The fashion industry.
Much love & cute clothes.
Self appointed ambassador of all things sparkly.

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